BOOM  Festival  2018


Movement medicine : sacred space
Where: Boom Festival, Portugal
When: 22nd - 29th july

date & time: SAturday 28th july : 20.00-22.00
@ the being fields chi temple

Shamanic Medicine for our times.
It gives us direct embodied experience of the dance of life that is going on inside us and all around us.

For thousands of years we have used dance as a form of connection, expression, prayer, art, celebration, honouring the sacredness of life, bringing us home to our interconnection on all levels with the wider web of life.

This workshop is an invitation to dive deep into Sacred space.

Calling in the Arc of time looking back at our own lineage and ancestors, looking forward to the future to receive guidance from the descendants and those yet to come.

Together we will journey through the dance of the 5 Elements; a chance to feel nature within you and beyond you, to grow your freedom to respond; becoming more aware of your capacity and true ground of being.

An invitation through dance to connect deeply to your heart and to the great Mystery at the Centre of it ALL.

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