Earth Medicine Oils


“ Plants bring us the love, the nourishing power of the sun,
which is the same energy of all the stars, of all the light.”  
      - The Yoga of Herbs

The health benefits and healing properties of plant medicines are endless…

Essential oils have become so simply and beautifully a part of my every day, that I cannot imagine life without them! 

doTERRA essential oils are the most potent, clear, high vibration oils I have ever come into contact with…..Once you experience them you will be in LOVE!

Like head over heals in LOVE!!!

From sipping lemon oil in my water in the mornings, to inhaling some Arborvitae on waking to assist me with my morning meditation. 

Rubbing a little Vetiver  on the souls of my feet to help ground me ready for the day….

To making some simple blends with my daughter, her favourite at the moment is Wild orange and Lemon….It feels so wonderful to be alchemising, playing , educating and making up little potions together….I see the shift …how she now  asks for peppermint oil if she has a tummy ache , or for some Lavender to help her sleep…..It is so wonderful to witness this simple yet profound shift …I believe it is time for us all to return to the abundance and healing properties of natural plant medicines, to re-connect with ancient wisdom and once again….

 “Return to the garden” 

*Essential oils can assist us in the healing of our physical body

*Essential oils can assist us in the healing of our heart

*Essential oils can assist us in releasing limiting beliefs

*Essential oils can increase spiritual awareness and connection

*Essential oils can inspire and aid us towards the fulfilment of our life’s purpose

“ The medical school of the future will not particularly interest itself in the ultimate results and products of disease or administer drugs and chemicals merely for the sake of palliating our symptoms, but knowing the true cause of sickness and aware that the obvious physical results are merely secondary, it will concentrate its efforts upon bringing about harmony between body, mind and soul which results in the relief and cure of disease.
Amongst the types of remedies that will be used will be those obtained from the most beautiful plants and herbs to be found in the pharmacy of nature, such as have been divinely enriched with healing powers for the mind and body of man”.
- Dr. Edward Bach, Heal thyself: An Explanation of The Real Cause and Cure of Disease (1931)


I see doTERRA as a chosen vehicle for creating ripples of transformation across the globe.

Inspiring sisters (guys you are also so welcome too!!) to gather together, connect and grow a global network of like minded tribe. 

I believe it’s about giving ourselves fierce permission… choosing to believe, and more importantly, to step into the abundant stream that life has to offer. When we dream big, we need to work hard and steadfast at manifesting that dream into the physical…. YES we can do it! YES we can play a huge part in co creating our reality……If its in line with the divine dreaming  ….Noting can stop us!    

In carrying out this important and inspiring work, we’re far from the sole beneficiaries – we also have the beautiful opportunity to vastly impact the lives of others. From the growers, harvesters and distillers of these oils (many of whom live in developing nations), to the people who embrace the doTERRA business opportunity, we offer solutions.

We’re in the business of enhancing lives, creating launch pads for personal development and placing real, everyday people onto platforms where they are empowered to share their gifts and inspire.

How to Get doTERRA Essential Oils (plus business building option)

This page is for you if you’re ready to experience the powerful plant medicines that are doTerra essential oils. There are three options to choose from to get starting receiving the benefits of Essential Oils!

Option 1:
Retail  for Personal Use

This choice, purchasing at regular retail price is for those of you who simply want to try one or two items. If you are hesitant and really need the experience of a single oil to test and use, the wholesale discount won’t be worth it in this case.

  • It's simple, just visit the doTerra shop here.

  • Click the “Shop” tab at the top of the page, select your oils, and pay through the website as you would with anything else.

  • Enjoy your order! 

Lavender,Lemon, Peppermint, Melissa, Myrrh, Melaleuca, Helichrysum...

Lavender,Lemon, Peppermint, Melissa, Myrrh, Melaleuca, Helichrysum...

Option 2:
Wholesale – you get 25% off!

With option 2, you benefit by receiving 25% off of all products. There is no requirement to spend any amount, or to buy every month, or to sell anything, ever. You receive the membership for FREE when you buy a starter kit (yup, even the smallest one)!

Choose a kit and receive a free membership

  • Simply sign up here with my Sponsor ID, 6182559, and choose ‘Wholesale’.

  • Choose one of the kits as your first product and the £20 membership fee will be waived.

  • See details on the kits here (this will open in a new tab so you can browse).

  • Read my recommendations on which kit to choose below in the FAQs.

I don’t want a kit, I’ll pay the $35 membership fee

  • Simply sign up here with my Sponsor ID, 6182559, and choose ‘Wholesale’.

  • Choose your products ‘a la carte’, and the £20 fee will be added.

  • Membership renewal costs £15 after the first year, but you receive a free bottle of peppermint when you renew, which is worth £22.40 retail. Awesome right?


Option 3:
Get free products and/or build a wellness business!

  • Just sign up here with my Sponsor ID, 6182559, and choose ‘doTERRA Wellness Advocate’ in the Account Type section.

  • Choose one of the kits as your first product and the £20 membership fee will be waived. See details on the kits here (this will open in a new tab so you can browse), or contact me for my recommendations on which kit to choose.

  • Be sure to get in touch with me and let me know you’ve enrolled, so I can give you some pointers on how to build a thriving wellness business with this simple and effective business model!

How to receive free GIFTS from doTerra:

  • We will go over how to set up a monthly LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order. You can change the order every month, and change the date it ships as well (very flexible).

  • If you want to build a business and earn commissions & bonuses you will invest around £80 (125 PV) per month. This is such a small overhead for owning your own business, having your website built for you, AND covering all your health & wellness, personal care and home cleaning products.

  • If your order is over approximately £80 (125 PV) and ships before the 15th of the month, you’ll get the free product of the month!

  • As you order each month, you will receive PV points, free products and increasingly build up a discount:


Over time you will collect bonuses and shipping points that you have collected over every month, and also commissions for sharing the plant medicine lifestyle with others.

As for the monthly order, it's awesome, because TRUST ME, you will become obsessed with these products and want to try all of them! Investing around £80 per month to have everything that comes with the business AND receiving products for the investment, it's really a win win win. When building your business with doTerra, you can consider your LRP order as your ‘stock’ for the month.

In order to share or empower others to use ANYTHING you need to be familiar with and passionate about the product. Building the business is easy and fun with doTerra as long as you are engaged, passionate and in alignment. 

Let us join and RISE together and create ripples of CHANGE
across the Globe