Healing & Bodywork


I have been working within the healing arts for the past 20 years...

Committed to my own healing and transformation and facilitating others on their journey to wholeness.

I am qualified body worker and hold;
IHHT Diploma in

I studied meditation and Reiki 1 & 2 at the Bodhidharma institute of meditation with master Roshi in north India and later went on to complete my Reiki Masters in London with Rory Mcquaid a deeply committed Reiki Master and healer.

I have been on a shamanic apprenticeship with the School of Movement Medicine for the past 7 years and continue to teach this work and study further advanced training within this body of work.

During my travels around the world I have been blessed by having the opportunity to take part in many kinds of Ceremony. Over the past 7 years have had the honour to be in an assisting role during many of these deep rituals and practices, and have been recognised by a traditional Shaman from South America as a Curandera which in English means 'Healer'.

The bodywork & healing I offer is a fusion of my years of experience and intuition. Working on a deep level to assist you on your own healing journey, within a deeply relaxing atmosphere you are nurtured and held in a safe space.

Deep Massage and healing- Intensive 2 hour £100
Deep Massage and healing -Session 1.5hour £70
Healing 1 hour £50


“I literally fly across the world to get body work from Bonnie! I live in California, surrounded by healers but I’ve never found anyone else who is able to access the layers, realms and subtilises with such clarity, love and care that Bonnie navigates so naturally and so intuitively... both in the physical and the energetic healing modalities. Bonnie was born to do this work, and I feel deeply grateful that she has had the wisdom and the bravery to follow this path. 
- Joanna Gare-Gallagher, Forestville, Northern California

Sacred Mentoring

What is your unique gift?...your unique offering that you long to share with the world? 

My calling is to be of service to hold a space for the uncovering of your deep dreaming and reconnection. To help YOU reclaim your power and embody the unique gifts you bring...