Movement Medicine Workshops



When: every tuesday evening, 7.00pm - 21.00pm
where: l'hermitage beaumont

Movement Medicine is a tool; the practice of a way of moving with and through life... and dancing with it all.

Are you ready to unlock your creative nature and enter more fully into the dance of your own life?
You are so welcome in this space ...

I look forward to sharing the pure magic, freedom and depth that Movement Medicine has to offer you.
A beautiful candle lit space awaits, where you will be guided to simply allow the body to melt into motion, giving the self back to the creative life force within. 

See you on the Dance floor ..x

Come and join us in growing the tribe of dancers here in Jersey.
It really is such deep medicine for the soul ❤️ 

You are all welcome, whether you have been dancing this path for years or if this is new territory for you.

Cost £15
Please bring water and a blanket for relaxation at the end.

Looking forward to journeying with you,
Many blessings

As a teacher Bonnie is passionate and takes people into a deep engagement with the dance. Her being brings a deep connection with the forest, with nature and with her own deep journey on the way back to be fully held by the elements. Bonnie shares her medicine through her own embodiment, her own way of moving and holding herself. Her way of holding space is immediate, her emotional intelligence and instincts are her guides. She senses into the space with great receptivity and brings her offering from there in a spontaneous and respectful way. She opens up a magic space were we can breathe deep and the new oxygen of true spirit presence is real. This happens without explanation, just because it’s true in her presence.
- Kristin Glenewinkel, Movement Medicine Teacher, Switzerland

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