My Story...


Hi beautiful ones...welcome...

You have found your way here to me through this vast web, I trust that this is for a reason… let us begin the journey.

I could start by telling you all about my professional work and I will get to that, yet firstly I would like to share a little more of myself with you...

I am a dancer, a visionary, a dreamer, a badass rebel of love drawn to the unknown…a wild lover of spirit, adventure and distant lands AND a tender Spirit walking the path of what it means to become more human…more grounded and rooted in my-our humanity.

I have always been drawn forth by the voice that whispered to me from within the silent depths of my heart.
First it calls.....then screams to us from deep within. The voice that never fully believed in the story I was told by the world, culture and people that I grew up around.

Somewhere deep within me I always knew there was more….so much more!

As I grew up, I grew wings that set sail upon vast skies and faraway lands guiding me home more deeply to myself; my heart, my true longing, the pure magic of existence and the mind blowing sacred beauty of our natural world.

Into the open arms of family; tribe from different cultures sinking in to a deeper level of trust and love for humanity.

I returned with a fierce calling to protect the Sacredness of the Earth and creatures and spirit that inhabit the wild lands, to be a voice for that which has no voice.

To gather together and awaken to our true nature; which is SACRED, which is love, to reclaim and reconnect with our roots for we are all indigenous. We are all tribe no matter what our background or where we are from. We can all in our own unique way find our way home to ourselves and give what we have to this life, while our heart still beats.

RISE knowing our beauty and our shadows...daring to make our offering...whatever that is...
This journey to South America broke me open to my core and returned me to the heart of the forest....

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

I am a mother and a wife who has learned to grow deep roots, to trust in love and how to stay with my heart….and theirs…. and when I slip up as I do many times, I breathe deeply, forgive myself and come back again and again. I have learned how to let in the deep blessings of the simple beauty of day to day life, which was something that in the past terrified my wild unbound spirit!

I let my soul be drawn by the deeper longings of my heart.

I am and have always been on a fierce quest to Gather Tribe and RISE so our voices can be heard in the name of returning to and protecting that which is Sacred, both within us and outside of us.

Making a stand and being a voice for our Mother Earth and all of life at this time of as Joanna Macey calls “The great turning”.

The forest and wild lands feel my home.
I have a wild rebel pirate pixy spirit nature
I am a medicine woman

I LOVE deeply

I am a hermit at heart who craves solitude yet seems to always to be drawn to massive gatherings and the beautiful chaos of events with many people!

I LOVE chocolate

I seemed to have missed the tech train (I was away traveling at the time internet and social media arrived!) and still find it all a total mystery that I battle, loathe, love, roar at and bumble along with…..and breathe……. It all has its part within the magic of the play that unfolds as life today…..

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Really I have some beauty images, adventures and visions coming up and would LOVE you to join me in Gathering Tribe.