Sacred Mentoring


What is your unique gift?…

….your unique offering that you long to share with the world? 

My calling is to be of service to hold a space for the uncovering of your deep dreaming and reconnection.
To help YOU reclaim your power and embody the unique gifts you bring; To heal and transform on a deep cellular level. To tap into your true potential. And most of all;

To be authentically YOU and shine like the STAR that you are.

I am here to hold a deep space of listening to facilitate your journey of uncovering your depths.

As you face and work through your challenges. I may guide you at times with the use embodied practices, following my intuition. I am here to hold a space for your transformation. It’s about healing, reclaiming your power, and honouring yourself and your true calling to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world. That is where the magic happens.

YOU, Beautiful warrior are here for a reason.

Your intuition guided you to me through the vast web; 
Welcome. It is an honour to be your guide on this cosmic journey.

Sacred Mentoring (Skype Sessions)

£55 per Hour
£500 for 10 sessions if paid in advance