My Deeper Story...


Many years ago now…

........After traveling to India I was drawn West, and in 2002 my journeys began in South America.
Here are a few paragraphs from my writings ~

Rainbow gatherings of tribe from all over, living together in the jungles, for sometimes 3 months at a time we would not leave the forest.
Tree house’s tepee’s barefoot with bells.
A creature I became.
Walking in the long grass through the moonlight, the river glistening, swirling and singing.
The huge vines from the tree canopies bowing to create the perfect swing or hammock depending on your mood.
The rock beings standing in formation and silent power.
The lichen moss lit up like constellations of stars.
The tree and plant spirits beckoning in the darkness “come be with me”. Everything alive with otherworldly essence.
The Fay dwell here.

Alone I would sleep curled up near the river, cradled in the trees.
Many night’s sweet tears of gratitude would fall from my cheeks love beyond love.
I was home. I had returned to a land of magic, beauty and spirit beyond words the forest.

This journey broke me open to the DANCE
All night drumming, around huge roaring sacred fires.
Hundreds of drummers calling out through their hands and hearts.
The rhythm, beat, and pulse ecstatic.
Community together, full power, full love.
Wild and Painted we where the wild tribe dancing in freedom, vision.
Calling out , honouring the Sacredness of life, let us rise.
Creative circus beings. Majestic roll play. Silks tied to high trees reflecting the firelight.
Arial acrobatic dancers gracefully descending from the treetops.

Instruments of unfathomable beauty that sang to the ancient memory of distant times.
My heart bursting with the joy of returning home.
I learned how to make jewellery and travelled all over with many beautiful mad loco artisans pirate crew.
Oh how good it felt to be with the wild ones.
I stayed up in shanti towns in the hills of Lima.

Was blessed to Stay with Kuna Indian grandmothers in Kuna Yala. They are Magical islands stretching from Panama to Columbia. They are lands between the worlds. The sea level so high you can feel them disappearing. Under the full moon standing at the ocean shore I feel as if I am on the edge of a world.
Smoke rising from fires, children singing, everyone in ceremonial tribal dress beaded from ankle to knee, from elbow to wrist. I was taken to family rituals and shown their sacred burial grounds.
Deep profound connection, to the wild jungles.
To the Medicine plants and ceremonies that blasted me open and returned me to lost parts of my heart.
A deep deep love for our Sacred Mother.
The Spirit of the forest with her I felt home.
Temascal, Medicine songs of heart opening prayer, giving back, giving thanks.

One thing I knew for sure was that I my deepest calling was to dedicate my life in service to the spirit of the forest.
To the mind blowing sacred beauty of the life and spirits that dwell there.
To the healing of our disconnection from our sacred mother earth and all the creatures and beings that inhabit the wild.
I believe our deepest human suffering at this time is rooted in our disconnection from the natural world.
I longed to dedicate my life to the healing of our own personal and ancestral stories. So we may rise in our full power and glory and dare to make a calling out for life that is so raw and so profound that the vale of separation itself shatters.
I know this is a big dream but hey we have got to dream big no !!!

We are living in fucking extreme times, and we are close to the edge
It is time for BIG DREAMS.