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My Passion and calling is Re-Connection to the Sacredness of the Natural World around us...
To the WILD LANDSCAPES within us...
through DANCE...through CEREMONY...through VOICE...
Plant Medicine, Healing and Bodywork...
through RITUAL and Dance Performance ART... 


 Upcoming Events

Movement Medicine

"MOVEMENT MEDICINE is a body based movement meditation practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart,
the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life.
It will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidance of your own soul."


Healing & Bodywork

The bodywork & healing I offer is a fusion of my years of experience and intuition. Working on a deep level to assist you on your own healing journey, within a deeply relaxing atmosphere you are nurtured and held in a safe space...



We are needed. Each and every one of us. We are needed by the future generations who come to me in my dreams. We are needed by the people of the forest and by the trees and unbroken nature they protect. And if we are to have the chance to evolve our human presence here on this earth into one that is just, sustainable and fulfilled, we are needed by the great mama under our feet to wake up and heal the wounds of the past so that we can live into a new dream here on this earth. And that is my prayer. And that is the prayer that is called Movement Medicine. And that is the prayer that is Engaged Shamanism. And through these prayers, we dedicate our action in this world.
- Yaacov Darling Khan

Sacred Mentoring

What is your unique gift?
...Your unique offering that you long to share with the world? 
My calling is to be of service to hold a space for the uncovering of your deep dreaming and reconnection.
To help YOU reclaim your power and embody the unique gifts you bring...


Work With

I hold Movement Medicine workshops and Dance Gatherings Internationally and within the UK. I also offer Sacred Mentoring and Healing & Bodywork. 
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