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Awakening the Wild Dancer ft.Peia, Susie Ro, Sivani Mata, Movement Medicine

  • St Lawrence Church Stroud Gloucestershire England UK (map)
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. Keef Wesolowski-Miles
. Wioletta Wesolowska-Miles
. Bonnie McAteer

. PEIA and her musicians
. Susie Ro
. Tabla Tom
. Sivani Mata and more.

This will be deep dive in to the dance of being human, the dream of AWAKENING to truly BEING here-now in relationship with our own wild natures and the wild and sensitive dance with the animal/angel/ human beings we find our selves dancing with in this transient community. With the support of the beautiful heart expanding medicine CACAO we will ride the waves of the music, guided by the mysterious choreography of our sacred bodies, hearts, minds and breath.

Blessed we are to dance on this ground!
So lets dance for our lives and the love of all life!

THIS BEAUTIFUL WORKSHOP is part of Awakening the Wild's DanSing Festival

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A festival of awakening and reconnecting with our wild nature, through movement, voice, community and world class live music. With an exquisite line-up of musicians and facilitators from the world of conscious dance, voice and sacred/world/folk music, this promises to be a magical weekend.

We are THRILLED to have the opportunity to work with the amazing Peia, who is on a European tour and making her first ever appearance in the UK. As well as performing a Saturday night concert in the gorgeous St Lawrence Church in Stroud and a Voice Workshop on Sunday afternoon in The Trinity Rooms, she has also agreed to co-create this amazing MOVEMENT MEDICINE Cacao ceremony with Keef Wesolowski Miles, Wioletta Wesolowska Miles, Bonnie McAteer, SUSIE RO, SIVANI and TABLA TOM. This promises to be a MAGNIFICENT HAPPENING.

VISION of the founders of Awakening the Wild
~ Keef Wesolowski-Miles and Wioletta Wesolowska-Miles

We are Awakening the Wild. We are passionate about creating collaborative community gatherings and holding sacred spaces for healing, transformation and celebration for individuals and groups. We recognise the need in ourselves as 21st century human beings for connection, movement, touch, space to breathe, places to create together, to heal together, to sing and dance and laugh together, to sit around the sacred fire, to reconnect to nature and our own true natures and to tell good stories, life affirming stories. We believe in the genius of humans to grow, adapt, heal and create beauty. We believe in embracing the inner child and honouring the children, family and future generations. We believe in honouring our elders, ancestors and All Our Relations.

We believe in soul gardening ~ sowing dream seeds, rooting the body, flowering the heart, cultivating the mind. We believe in environmental sustainability and replenishment, social justice and spiritual freedom. This is our inspiration, our invocation and invitation: may we learn to remember, together, that our true nature is NATURE, we are elemental beings and we are all related. This movement is medicine. This is LOVE in ACTION. This is poetic presence. This is Awakening the Wild.